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I do not want to do this day. The day that I want to do begins with a brisk walk in the woods under the newly turning autumn leaves, baking bread, an afternoon of playing bridge or mahjong with friends, and tucked into bed early with tea, pain patches, and a good book on my Kindle. Instead I will be dragging myself through yet another bout dealing with my late father’s loss of leg due to nursing home neglect lawsuit. Aarrgghh↓

So I put on my garden clogs for a very short hobble around my yard, ate healthy oatmeal, promised myself a nice dinner of polish sausage and potato, prayed for those near and far, and applied the pain patches now instead of then. Tonight I will have a spa-type evening and read, after I wrestle the demon lawsuit into order.

Caption: I Do Not Want To Do This Day.

by Annmarie Throckmorton 2018

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