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  • Annmarie Throckmorton, M.A.

I am not a product billboard.

I do like wool products, very much. Wool is warm, it breathes, and I like the natural feel of it.

However, this new internet gimmick of linking a casual product comment to a person’s name is off-putting. I would not mind if the companies had simply posted my nice comments on their websites, but to link themselves to my name online is a bit much. Especially as slippers and blankets are personal, even intimate products. Well, I certainly will not be making any more product comments for any company. These well-known companies, Haflinger (boiled wool slippers) and Pendleton (warm wool blankets) should not ride my little name with their big brands.

Postscript: Pendleton apologized and removed their link to my name on the same day that I complained. Haflinger lists no phone number online and ignored my email. I will have to find another brand of wool slippers.

Caption: I am not a product billboard, yet the search engine

lists two casual comments under my name

making their products part of my public identity, 10-24-18.

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