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  • Annmarie Throckmorton, M.A.

Voting In Shysterville

This week I got my early election ballot which is available to anyone but which is especially helpful to the elderly or handicapped. It is the same as the specimen ballot posted below. I see that the ballot has no description of the vague CITYWIDE PROPOSITION: Shall the city election law be rejected? So, it is completely unclear whether a Yes or a No vote will close the Bloomington Election Commission, consolidating all local elections into the McLean County clerk's office, which would probably save tax dollars and perhaps make tracking election fraud easier.

I have voted for over fifty years and I know that propositions must have at least a paragraph of description if people are to know what they are voting for. I called the Bloomington Election Board and was informed by the Director, with nonsensical dogged determination, that there is no written description of the proposition online or anywhere else. Liar. I continued to search around and eventually found that a yes vote dissolves the Bloomington Election Commission, and a no vote preserves the status quo. I voted an emphatic “YES”.

Caption: Bloomington, Illinois Election Commission application to vote by mail

Caption: Bloomington, Illinois Specimen Ballot for the 2018 General Election

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