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  • Annmarie Throckmorton, M.A.

Letters From The President Of The United States Of America

I recently got another letter from the United States President. Even though it is a form letter, it is still very nice to get acknowledgment from the President for my support. The letter was probably in response to my on-line comments on 09-07-18 at, in which I said:

America should have gotten a refund for all the shoddy products China dumped on us for decades, is it possible to do the national equivalent of bankruptcy to discharge that unfair debt? That is the second reason I voted Trump, I hoped he would do this.

The first reason I voted for Trump was because he is a hard-hitting yet polite-enough businessman, which is not easy. And I got what I voted for, Trump is doing America’s business the old-fashioned American way: direct, in-your-face, and goal oriented. TRUMP IS A BIG SUCCESS FOR AMERICA. MAGA 2020.

My 2-cents worth: How about the President do a three-minute, sit-down, formal, private interview with everyone working in the White House (everyone from cabinet members to waitstaff) to ferret out the traitor who anonymously wrote the subversive article that The New York Times published yesterday? Line them up so they know everyone is being interviewed, then call Pence in first. Directly ask him who he thinks did it, and watch his reaction.

Very best wishes to President Donald J. Trump, family, friends, and allies.

Caption: President Donald J Trump’s letter from The White House 09-07-18

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