Hurricane Florence screen captured for our viewing pleasure.

Mind Garden, 13 hours ago

Why do we make a human being stand out in this for our viewing pleasure?


AdroitWaterBear, 13 hours ago

Mind Garden. It is stressful to watch, but the pressure changes out in a storm like that are exhilarating. That's why you often see half naked young men out in it, it's slightly dangerous and very fun.


Mind Garden, 10 hours ago

AdroitWaterBear 🐬🐬🐟🐋🐳🐠⛈


AdroitWaterBear, 1 second ago

Mind Garden. Like flocks of birds fly away from stormy skies or nestle down in microhabitats like tree crevices, I imagine schools of fish and marine mammals in a storm try to swim away or go down in the water column to where the water is calmer.  Those that cannot swim fast enough are in trouble.  In a rough life, it is all about finding shelter.


 Caption:  Hurricane Florence screen captured for our viewing pleasure.

Caption:  American Lane Pittman head-banging to heavy metal in Hurricane Florence

photograph by Fox News 09-15-18

“Just being free and American.  I don’t let nothing oppress me

especially no dang, freaking hurricane.”



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