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My New Hobby Of Making Youtube Comments

I initiated two threads regarding Omarosa Manigault Newman, the former "Apprentice" television contestant who became a White House aide to President Trump, who then provided the world with an audio recording that she made while being fired by his chief of staff, John Kelly, which violated her employment non-disclosure agreement. It is sort of a Cinderella turns princess turns spy story.

Is it a good thing or a bad thing to make very personal comments about public figures via the internet? I am not sure, but I am willing to let time tell. I do know that I am happy to be part of forming the new worldwide culture of internet posting, commenting, tweeting, etcetera. I feel that at my age I am very lucky to be cognitively able to join “in the mix”. The days that I used to mindlessly watched whatever the propaganda that television offered me are gone. And, that is a good thing.

By the way, I admire Ms. Omarosa’s poise and personal beauty. I pity what appears to be her blind ambition. But more importantly, I feel a strong need to help contain her destructiveness.



AdroitWaterBear, 11 hours ago

There is an old-fashioned term that seems to fit Ms. Omarosa, psychotic, which would mean that she suffers from psychosis(es). If she suffers that sort of mental illness, it would be impossible for her to determine reality from hallucinations, false perceptions, or whatever else might be her problems. Are there regular drug screenings at the White House? There should be. Look how tight her face is, as a pretty young woman she should be more relaxed, she seems to be in pain, even fear. If she is constantly misperceiving reality that would make her fearful.

Hemi power, 11 hours ago

AdroitWaterBear. Exactly!

klea angeles, 4 hours ago

AdroitWaterBear. Omarosa seems like an awful person, but you seem like the psychotic one.

AdroitWaterBear, 3 hours ago

klea angeles. Aw, now you've hurt my feelings. Why do you have to be so mean?

Buck Weet, 3 hours ago

Zaza Brown. You're too young to understand. Go back to your room!

Zaza Brown, 3 hours ago

AdroitWaterBear. LOL Omarosa is young. what are you talking about?? she's in her 40s

AdroitWaterBear, 2 hours ago

Zaza Brown. I'm 70, she's young, also she seems emotionally stunted which is not an excuse just a contributing factor to her erratic behavior.

Dennis L.P., 2 hours ago (highlighted reply)

AdroitWaterBear. I agree.

Let's test Trump and the Congress.

AdroitWaterBear, 1 second ago

Dennis L.P. Absolutely, any government job should require weekly drug testing, from the President to the Congress to the local city street sweepers to the contractors who provide goods and services to the government. Test them all and let the results sort them out: "Here's your paycheck." or "You're fired."



AdroitWaterBear, 12 hours ago

Late onset schizophrenia, early onset dementia, there are a lot of mental health problems that would explain Ms. Omarosa's failure to interact normally, and drug use would exacerbate any tendencies to hallucinate and hysteria. She looks like a very frightened unhappy woman, who should have been very confident and happy considering her advantages.

Glenn Howden, 12 hours ago

Brat seems more accurate.

Ann G., 10 hours ago

AdroitWaterBear. Or maybe she's just a sociopath. "I saw my opportunities and I took 'em."

john osborn, 9 hours ago

AdroitWaterBear. Many psychiatrists say the same ABOUT TRUMP

AdroitWaterBear, 3 hours ago

John Osborn. No diagnosis is valid without even meeting Pres. Trump.

AdroitWaterBear’s Afterthought: Obviously, the same is to be said about my armchair diagnosis of Ms. Omarosa, yet I added my two cents.

Caption: Threads on regarding Omarosa Manigault Newman who

audiotaped being fired from her White House Aide position.

screen captures 08-14-18

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