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Working nonstop this past week on my late father’s horrific, nightmare nursing home neglect loss of leg lawsuit, I met a deadline last night and sought reward but had only the energy to bathe and put myself to bed. Then in hypnagogia, at the onset of sleep, in that half awake yet half dreaming state, my inner dreamcatcher caught a pleasant little dream for me. So I got up and went out alone to graze at a nice buffet, while I watched well-dressed, happy people for a few hours. I watched families with toddlers, children, teenagers in energetic, jostling groups, sweetheart couples dating, older couples pleased to be out and about at a pleasant feast. I too was pleased.

This past decade my dreams have been blocked by immersion in my family concerns and the lawsuits they generate, but eventually I will be released to live where I want to live, to heal, to spend each day quietly much closer to nature again. My inner dreamcatcher is full of the dreams that will be released to me.

Caption: My Inner Dreamcatcher

by Annmarie Throckmorton 2018

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