Getting Rid Of TV In 2018

I bought a wide-screen television the year that I moved my mother (who had dementia) into my home, and it cost A LOT of $.  She loved that big TV but she is passed now.  Now I am awake to the fake media, and I want none of it, but if I make a piñata out of my TV, will my money fall out of it?


Censorship of American values and awful programs are why I have not watched television for two years now.  I do not know what to do with this hunk of junk TV, if I sell it the problem is just perpetuated.


I stopped watching TV because the shows and ads were AWFUL.  The Main Stream Media cost me time and money that I will never get back.  Reparations are due from the MSM for the harm the MSM did to American culture, seeding unnatural thoughts of greed, violence, and cruelty.

Caption:  Getting Rid Of Television In 2018

by Annmarie Throckmorton 2018


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