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Young Rabbit

She tore its side when old Margaret Cat brought the young rabbit inside to me in her sharp toothed jowls. Cruel nature, why are humans the only animals that cry over tender flesh exposed by a body length tear? Margaret Cat is pleased with herself, lying in my study doorway, full of a hunter’s pride, listening to the young rabbit breathe under the cover of the pan in which I placed it. I gave it a saucer of water, weighted down with stones so that it would not tip. I will not name it until tomorrow, as previous catches have died in the first night. If it lives, I will keep it safe in my study until it heals, and then release it. Where? Foxes from the woods down the street regularly patrol our neighborhood, each year’s litters of rabbits and squirrels gradually dwindle down to...

Online advise:

“Is the cut only a tear in the skin? Or is the tissue underneath also damaged? If it is a tear in the skin, rinse it and leave it alone. Rabbit skin looks TERRIBLE when it is torn but heals up just fine. A nick in the skin can open up to a 1" circle on a rabbit - especially on the legs. Rabbits can get nicked on a sharp wire in the cage. The last time I nicked a rabbit I thought it looked terrible. Showed it to the vet - said don't worry about it, antibiotic ointment is basically useless. Seriously - don't stitch it. Might look pretty bad at first, but will do so much more damaged.” https://www.backyardherds.com/threads/injured-rabbit-torn-skin-graphic-pic.7759/

My agenda for today, says “Work on lawsuit & only lawsuit. Do not be distracted!” Already it is 1 PM and I have not entered one stroke of work on my late father’s nursing home lawsuit. Nor have I eaten. The young rabbit’s tear reminds me of my father’s wound, nausea. I wish I had someone to help me.

Caption: Young Rabbit Is Old Cat’s Catch

by Annmarie Throckmorton 2018

(It died in the night. But I saw its litter mate “Lucky” scampering around the patio a few days later.)

by Annmarie Throckmorton 2018

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