Oh, What A Goose I Am.

When he was young and I was a little child, my father could be quite playful, in the one-upmanship way of men.  He used to tease me to say “Oh”, and I would say “Oh”, then he would coax me to say “whatta”, and I would say “whatta”, and he would eagerly prompt me to say “goo”, and I would say “goo”, then he would happily say “siam” and I would say “siam”.  And repeating after him, I delighted him by saying “Oh, what a goose I am.”  I soon caught on so he only got to play that game a couple of times with me. To stay amused he would sing it to himself, ♪♫♬.  He also taught me how to play snap, each of us stretching out a rubber band between us, daring to other to hang on until the quickest one let go the full force of the rubber band, and the loser got a stinging rubber band snap on their fingers.  I kept letting the rubber band go right away for fear of the snap, and he mocked me a little.  But as soon as I held on long enough to suffer a snap, in my eagerness to give him a snap, he stopped playing, saying he did not want to hurt me.

Caption:  Canadian Goose Family Leaving Walmart Parking Lot

going back to Sugar Creek (a euphemism), down to the right, Normal, Illinois

by Annmarie Throckmorton 2018


Caption:  Canadian Goose Family Grazing In Walmart Parking Lot, Normal, Illinois

by Annmarie Throckmorton 2018




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