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My Monthly Trip To Chicago

After doing this every month for the worst part of the past year, I know and I do what I have to do to optimize my long drive from downstate Illinois to Chicago, Illinois for hearings on my late father’s loss of leg due to nursing home neglect lawsuit. But sitting motionless in the car for such long trips causes my abdomen to swell up and ache. My feet swell and go numb. My brain gets stupid, cranky, and hopefully is not swelling up. Ack. If I were made of softer stuff, I could just let go, and keep my energy and money to cosset me later, in my really old age.

Caption: Serendipitous Photograph Taken

While Paying Yet More Money

For My Late Father’s Loss of Leg

Due To Nursing Home Neglect Lawsuit

by Annmarie Throckmorton 2018

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