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  • Annmarie Throckmorton, M.A.’s crime of extortion, identity theft, and misuse for profit of my personal information

Who does think it is to announce my political affiliation to the world, or my religion, or any other details of my life? And MyLife got it wrong. For example, I do not identify as Democrat, nor as Christian. The details of my life are much, more than that. Politics and religion are the most personal aspects of a person, and a person’s political affiliation and religion is much, much more than a label. For MyLife to state that I am a Democrat and a Christian is a LIE. It is for me, and me alone to announce to the world, when and where I want, the facts of my political affiliation and religion. I do not want MyLife braying random and INCORRECT details of my life because this presents a FALSE image of me. MyLife has set up a contemptible business, they profit by lying about me, and probably are doing the same to millions of others. If I pay MyLife, and give them more details of my life, they will correct their database. That is extortion.

Stop it. Somebody please do something to stop from including me in their database. I DO NOT WANT TO BE LISTED ON MYLIFE.COM, not in any way at all.

My FOURTH letter to the California Attorney General for help with this problem.

I am writing the office of the attorney general in California to assist me in getting to remove the record it has posted online in my name and search link thereto. This is the fourth time, over the course of one year, that I have made this request. I am in receipt of the attached letter from the office of The Attorney General for the State of California, dated 12-21-17, which states “...we have been unable to elicit any response from the company which you named in your consumer complaint...As a result, we must end our direct involvement in your case.” HOW IRRESPONSIBLE of the California Attorney General; I am complaining of fraudulent misuse of my name and the details of my identity, by which MyLife makes a profit. THIS IS IDENTITY THEFT. And, MyLife probably mishandles the identities of many, many people, which means that in turning its back on me, the office of the California Attorney General turns its back on many, many people with this problem of identity theft and misuse.

When the Office of the Attorney General ignores the internet crime of identity manipulation, the purpose of which is to defame, to extort, to exert power, you are ignoring the most active part of our society today, the internet. Please do your job and do something to compel to close the account it created in my name, and remove the search link to it. I look forward to your response. Specifically, I do not want a link between my name: Annmarie Throckmorton (or Ann Throckmorton (Marie); and the website record in my name. When someone searches Annmarie Throckmorton on the internet, the result should not be’s illicit, and incorrect record on me. For example, my political affiliation and religion are listed incorrectly on This matters, this is very personal information, and has listed it about me wrongly.

Abraham Lincoln: "government should do for people only what they cannot do better by themselves, and no more.” I am almost seventy years old, and I cannot correct the internet practice of creating false accounts about people, the problem extends far beyond my sole image. Please help me to remove my name from

Caption: profits by listing my politics and religion incorrectly.

They are committing extortion and identity theft, 2018.

Caption: The California Attorney General’s letter

turning its back’s crime of identity theft, extortion, and misuse for profit

of my personal information, 2018.

Caption: California Attorney General Xavier Becerra

public sourced image, 2018

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