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  • Annmarie Throckmorton, M.A.

Forbidden Love Among Alien Reptiles

All necessary translations have been made

.... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

“It’s spring.”

“Yeah, I know.”

“It’s time.” “Yeah, I know.”



“Why not?’

“You know why not.”

Greenly (chamaeleo zeylanicus) looked at his newly beloved Bluexx (furcifer pardalises) with a mixture of longing, regret, resolve, and cunning. His green scales were shot through with shifting magenta bands of arousal. Bluexx looked deep into the little pink loving eye that Greenly had aimed at her (his other eye was looking skyward for reasons only his amygdala knew), and she curled her prehensile blue tail protectively around herself. His scales were green, what would that make their hatchlings, turquoise? No, it was impossible. It was against the rules.

“You’re married.”

“No, I’m not.” “Oh?”

“That was last year, we didn’t renew our vows. There was no clutch. She was quarrelsome. I was bored. She moved on, and I am pincer foot-loose and fancy-free. A clutch with you would be bodacious.”

“Bodacious? Who uses that word? No, it’s impossible. But, yes, it would be so very nice to be with you, to are very attractive. I admire you. But sometimes you are audacious, like now. Go away.”


Greenly inched closer to her with that hypnotic hitch-step that he had inherited eons ago from his legendary progenitors, the chameleons of Earth. It was one of several behaviors that his kind had retained after the transference of select flora and fauna, which included chameleons, from Old Earth to the alien environment of this new and highly favorable planet, New Malagasy. The new planet had stimulated plant growth fantastically, but even more miraculously New Malagasy had somehow accelerated evolution of the cognitive abilities of the migrated animals beyond anyone’s wildest imagination. Thanks to that, Greenly and the other reptiles enjoyed a level of civilization formerly attained only by human beings, Homo Sapiens. One could say that he was now a Sauria Sapien. Nevertheless, he had not forgotten his long, proud reptilian lineage: of the Anamalia kingdom, Chordata phylum, Reptilia class, Squamata order, Chamaeleonidae family, Chamaeleo genus, Zeylanicus species, Sauria suborder. That was a mouthful, but he had the wide-hinged jaws for it. He was big enough to eat small birds, quick enough to catch any insect he wanted, and willing to share. He fired out his thick, sticky tongue, glued it to an errant cockroach, and gallantly offered the tidbit to Bluexx. She took it with apparent appreciation. They began to rock in unison, he clinging to one end of the branch, she somewhat further along. This feels aggressive he mused, forceful in a very good way. It was good to be an alien reptile.

Her presence was palpable. It was irresistible. Their hormones were escalating, they both felt it. Greenly flushed a darker green. He noticed Bluexx’s deepening blue hue. He knew that they were meant for each other, no matter what anyone said. He rocked forward more vigorously. Bluexx felt overwhelmed by his advance, and moved further out along the limb, reaching behind herself with one trim little clawed foot after the other. She really did have elegant feet, with delicate little scales, and well-turned claws shaded a pretty magenta.

Greenly slurped his tongue over one eye, wiping out some bits of bark dislodged and flung up by those pretty little feet. He knew it was a highly suggestive gesture, but could only hope that she was ready for it. She was. He could feel her heating up even in the dappled shade of the great tree in which they had been traveling.

*** *** ***

Greenly owned a solar photovoltaic system installation and service company, and as radiant heat was a top priority among alien reptiles, Greenly’s business was sizzling with profit. He was a well-respected, wealthy reptile, and he had made his money by adhering to good business practices, which definitely did not include sexual harassment. But this was love. He had been blindsided by true love, and was now in hot pursuit of a customer, wanting to cinch her instead of the deal. When the attractive Bluexx had told him that she wanted to buy replacements for the earlier model solar panels in her home, she had told him that she liked to keep it toasty. His hormonal system had thought she meant frisky, and they had been off and running. At this rate, it would be a while before they got to his store. Procreation before profit, was that how the old saying went?

*** *** ***

Eventually Bluexx edged to the outermost twig of the branch. She had recently shed her skin and her reptilian body glistened in the sun, each overlapping horny scale intact and perfectly aligned. Greenly knew that he had a few patches of scales that were only partially regenerated, and bald is not beautiful in reptiles, so he waggled his tail provocatively to distract her from noticing. She took it for enticement, and stepped back to him. He scanned the skies to make sure there was no threat, nope none. The mood was right, the temperature, the humidity, and the lighting were all right. The time was right. She unhinged her mouth, and sweetly hissed.

“Yes, yes, you crazy fool, yes. We belong together, let's take our vows. This is an alien world, but this is our world now. We’ll live in it the way we want to live. No more blue only for blue, no green only for green, our hatchlings will be turquoise. Let’s get buggy.”

... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

This work is copyright protected. It is a work of fiction. Incidents, places, and names (especially those of alien entities) are products of the author/artist’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any similarity to actual events or persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Caption: Greenly

by Annmarie Throckmorton 2018

Caption: Bluexx

by Annmarie Throckmorton 2018

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