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A Man In My Life

Currently there is no man in my life, and as I am up against age seventy quite snuggly, there may not ever be again. That thought makes me sad. I miss men, and when I get to where I want to go, I will do my very best to bring one into my life whether as a friend or more. This will take some effort considering my age-diminished attributes, but I am willing do what is necessary, to go out into the world each day, into as many venues as possible, with as attractive a demeanor as possible, to interact with men as often as possible, and to see what is possible.

I miss the look of men, their thicker bodies, their smiles, the twinkle in their eyes when they see that I am impressed with them. And, I am often quite impressed with men. Even a shorter man is able to reach up and get things off a high shelf, less intellectual men can be remarkably philosophical even poetical, most unattractive men have not seemed unattractive to me. I like men!

The creator (God or Evolution, whichever flavor you like in your tea) created men as the perfect counterpoint to women. I perceive a very significant difference to maleness. Men look right to me, they act right, talk right, and delight of delights, up close and personal they smell right. And, when they care, which they often do and deeply, they have made my life so much better. In a very real sense, men built this world, we women made it worth building.

For now, I find some daily maleness in an e-newsletter from I enjoy reading a little of it each day to savor the difference. Brett McKay (@artofmanliness) “is the founder of Art of Manliness, one of the largest independent men’s lifestyle sites on the Web”. Some of his articles are co-authored by his wife, Kate.

Caption: A Man In My Life Is Not An Abstract Concept

by Annmarie Throckmorton 2018.

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