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How do squirrels build their nest of leaves in trees?

All winter the squirrel that built this nest across the road from my house would come over to my patio and filch sunflower seeds from the birdseed mix that I put out. I have always wondered how they build their nests of leaves*. Turns out they nip off leafy twigs and weave them into an enclosed basket. Leaves crinkle pleasantly and smell nice so on most days, when there is little wind or rain, I imagine the squirrel nest would be a comfy bed, like a papasan chair or a hammock.

I was out in the yard this past weekend, racking last year’s leaves from my iris beds. They have all sprouted and expanded into the lawn. I will have to put down more mulch around them. Outside was cold enough to be bracing, invigorating just as I like it. I had to rack the last of the irises sitting down for want of breath. Later, I walked over to take a photograph of the squirrel’s nest. Poor squirrel, it has been flattened in the road. Wonder about its spring babies, born between February and April, which would be now. And its mate?

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Caption: Squirrel Nest High In A Tree

by Annmarie Throckmorton 2018

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