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  • Annmarie Throckmorton, M.A.

Why science died in the sixties: and why we never went back to the moon

In my personal experience, the sixties were times of traditional expectations twisted up with new societal requirements. As I began my adult life in the second half of the twentieth century, I expected in the old way that I would marry a good, loving man, and we would begin a family; while simultaneously in the new way, I would work full-time outside the home in order to bring my wages back into our marriage, while simultaneously I would earn a graduate degree to maximize my earning potential (which formerly only wealthy women expected to do); and throughout it all I would be a good, loving wife to my good, loving husband. Although I realized that the first ten or twenty years of adulthood which were my only time to have healthy babies (age twenty to forty), I knew that these years were simultaneously the optimal time to acquire as much education as I could and to establish my working career. I gave it all my best try, while simultaneously looking for a good, loving man to marry. This is what I found.

1. Images on Television, and then Television’s fetus in fetu, computer access to the internet. I am not referring to the wealth of knowledge accessible on the internet or even to the entertainment to be found there, I am referring specifically to the violent, sadistic, additive computer games and pornography websites that are just a few clicks away from any household in civilization; and to their predecessor groomers, crime shows on television and pornographic films. Obviously, the mind-warping sounds, images, and interactions of violent, sadistic images affect how men respond to the world (and to the women in their lives). It is my perception that, in the first years of my search to establish a life-long partnership with a good man, the only men that I met were mentally addled with pornography on BetaMax & VHS cassette tapes, and they were very involved with the popular television crime shows that made villains into glorified alter-heroes. Then in the latter years of my search for a good man, the only men that I met were mentally addled with non-stop internet pornography, and violent, sadistic, addictive computer games that let them actually be the glorified villains. Who could pair with a man who spent his family time pretending at pornography and violent destruction, sometimes at the same time? FYI, if you rape or murder a pretend “enemy” in a "game", it is still mentally rape or murder because your mind knows what you are pretending to do, and you are mentally corrupted by that degenerate mental activity. The shame of it is likely to impair your performance in even apparently unrelated activities. It will show in what you say and in your actions. For example, how effective would one be after indulging in this kind of vice immediately prior to making a presentation of one's work, or working during a flashback to vivid, lurid sessions of vice? No one imagines that these activities are virtues, but I am saying that they should be recognized as the inherent vices that they are.

2. Psychotropic drugs. Then throughout the last half of the twentieth century so many young men came back from the various wars suffering post-traumatic stress for which they self-medicated with psychotropic drugs. According to the media, the medical profession jumped on board and prescribed insane amounts of psycho drugs which contributed to the problem. I met these men and found them impossible to even date, much less marry and form a family. Psycho drugs change brain function and result in alterations in perception, mood, and consciousness, all of which made these unfortunate men undependable options for husbands. Over the past fifty years, I have met ever more men whose minds and health are have been twitched* by new and ever more powerful drugs, effecting a chemical crush of their manhood. Again, they were not even close to being husband material. Those psycho drugs cause very evil behaviors. I am not saying that they can cause, I am saying that psychotropic drugs do cause mindless, evil behavior. (If you do not believe me, try them, but beware of becoming addicted, or worse.) Who could pair with a drugged lunatic? No one could. Who could trust a mind riddled with chemical addictions to provide for wife and children? No one could.

3. No more free career support from women. Perhaps because twentieth century men had these other behavioral preoccupations (drugs, violent computer games and pornography), I heard men say, “Well, I really don’t need a woman.” Really? This is the first time in the history of humanity that men who believed themselves to be respected in the community have felt free to announce that they do not need women. Not specifically that they did not need me, but that they did not need women. !?! This might have been unkind of them to say to a member of the fairer, gentler sex, but more importantly to them, it was very short-sighted, as statistically men who marry live longer and happier** (although the converse is not reported to be true). So, I imagine these men who did not need women lived short, unhappy lives, and my personal observation is that we all lost because of it. At any rate, even the men of my generation who did marry, did not support the women with whom they established a home. They expected, maybe even demanded, that women simultaneously work, educate themselves, and bear children, all in that tight twenty-year biological window of time in a brilliant, fecund young woman’s life. Throughout it all women continued to love men, it has always been that way, and will always be that way, as according to the way we were created, but were these married, working mothers too tired to brainstorm and contribute to their men’s success after working all day themselves, with household work and child care on top of it? Probably. The loss to family advancement has probably been significant.

What about the loss to science and civilization, how did the relationship between men and women differ in the early part of the twentieth century, when civilization leaped and bounded forward, compared to that latter? In the early twentieth century, the great men who laid the foundation for modern civilization typically married women, and then they supported the women they married, giving those women time and energy to support them in return, with a healthy, happy home, and much, much more. Here are just two examples. Albert Einstein’s first wife, Milena Marić Einstein, was reputed to be a brilliant (unpaid) physicist who helped him in his formative years of work, working closely with him as he developed the foundation of his theoretical physics, and his second wife, Elsa Einstein, was described as a “trusted aide” in his work. Inventor Thomas Edison’s second wife, Mina Miller Edison, was the daughter, wife, and mother of inventors. In the understated words of her time, she is described as “a valuable partner” to Thomas Edison. But what about the last half of the twentieth century, did the same thing that happened to me when I searched for a husband, happen to science? Yes, it seems to me that the same failings that made men in the last half of the twentieth century unsuitable to be husbands, made them unsuitable to do the critical thinking necessary for science. I suspect that the socially pervasive psycho drugs and sadistic gaming and pornography degraded the mental processes of so many men that there were too few left to do the objective, systematic analysis and evaluation necessary to advance science and civilization. The concomitant loss of intellectual support from women, the addictions to violent, sadistic computer games and psycho drugs all caused defective mental processes which erode their mental competency. These mental defects often left no telltales on the surface of these men, they retained the appearance of full men, and they were placed in positions requiring the minds of full men, but they were not mentally full men; they were mentally defeated by drug, violent game and pornography addiction, they had abandoned the traditional role of supporting women which left them without intellectual helpmates; and science and civilization have suffered for it.

Congratulations to the men who had the fortitude to evade psycho drugs, violent games and pornography’s destruction of their minds and manhood. Cheers to the men who married women and supported their families. Wherever they are, I hope and pray that they and their healthy habits are fruitful and multiply.

People have been saying this for years, but I will repeat it here: we did not go back to the moon because we could not.

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* “To pinch or pull at as with pincers or the like; to nip; to hurt or pain as by doing this.” Oxford dictionary

** “Single men have a 32% higher risk of death at an early age as compared to married men.”

Caption: Harvest Moon, image credit: NASA 2012.

Since July 29, 1958 The National Aeronautics and Space Administration

has received extravagant federal funding, not to mention

NASA’s commercial collaborations with private companies.

So why, oh why, does NASA provide only low resolution images to the public?

My guess is that one must buy the higher resolution images

of the celestial bodies to which only NASA has access.


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