a gyro at Pinky’s

The last time that I was in Chicago, Illinois, I had a gyro at Pinky's in the atrium mall of the glass-fronted Thompson State of Illinois Center next to the Daley Center complex.  It was tasty with real tahini sauce.  I wanted to unwind and replenish after some turbulent court hearings before my long drive back to Bloomington, Illinois.  But when I am out in public, like at that food court in front of Pinky’s, I notice scruffy, desperate-looking young men casing me.  It feels like they want to rob me.  I try to look alert and strong, but I am frighteningly aware that this is impossible for me.  The police know it too because when they see the miscreants speculating around me, they move closer to counter it.  So whenever I am in public, there is a distant, yet closely focused on me, swarm of forces for bad (scruffy desperate young men) and good (wholesome young police officers), like vibrant electrons orbiting around a slow, old atom.  Delusions of grandeur? Maybe, but I do know that I am very lucky to live in civilization.


I wanted to take a photograph of this awesome atrium, but even leaning against a pillar, I was too dizzy, so here is an image from the public domain, and my receipt.

Caption: Pinky's is in the Atrium Mall

of the Thompson State of Illinois Center

image in public domain 2018.




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