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FIRST IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD! President Donald J. Trump responds to each American’s comment an

My website comment to President Donald J. Trump:

Today I read about your personnel appointment(s) for correcting the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s direction, it sounds like a power pivot point. The reason I am writing to you today is to express my hope that you are also working to sort out the alphabet soup of governmental agencies which are mandated to provide oversight of American commercial goods and services, that being the FDA, CPSC, etcetera. For the past half century of my life, I have been writing complaint letters whenever I encountered bad business practices and/or shoddy products to various companies, in all sections of commerce. I wrote to the companies themselves, with copies requesting assistance from whatever governmental regulatory agency was charged with oversight in the matter. I have NEVER gotten a satisfactory response and resolution. The best I got was money back, occasionally with an apology, but usually given in a take-it-and-go attitude. Almost no companies seem to have considered self-correction, which is why we need effective, balanced governmental oversight.

Only a businessman like yourself (who is one in four billion in ability to perform the financial tasks of the American Presidency) can get our country’s commercial transactions up to a respectable standard. As viewed through media snippets, others do not appear to have even tried.

President Donald J. Trump, thank you for your service on behalf of our country. Best wishes to you, family, friends, and allies.

P.S. It is my sincere wish that after your second term as president, you will find relaxation, pleasure, and happiness.

Caption: FIRST IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD—President Donald J. Trump responds

to each American, 2017.

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