Remembering a poem that I wrote in 2009, of a colder winter than this year, I illustrated the poem with my impression of an icing of snowy words lighting my view of a purple night.

Each of my seventy years of life have been marked by others' fearful whispers, "The clima...

In a more innocent time, I had a pen pal in prison named Leah Jack who seemed to me to be an extraordinary person.  I wanted to make the world a better place by being a better person, one who cared about other people.  I cared about Leah Jack.  I wrote her this letter...

I wrote this poem for a girlfriend who gave me eggs from the coop in her backyard.

Her Gift Of Eggs

Twelve ovals unexpectedly varied.

One reddish brown and speckled, very large.

Another pale, pale brown, and little but perfectly formed.

Others creamy white, or greenish, or...

Celebrated with a poem that I wrote in 2006:

Earth, My Lovely Earth.

As I admire the Earth, my lovely earth,

I see each part formed to the other, and

Given me and thee by God.

Creek flows like music, turning over earth and stone,

Then runs lightly down steep steps,

To pool a...

The Ohio countryside is so beautiful that I wrote several poems trying, as one does, to capture God’s work in a human hand.  Evening Fields is one of them.

Evening Fields

by Annmarie Throckmorton, May 18, 1999

In the moist gray evening, bird calls keen

Over fields centered...

This is a poem that I wrote in 2002, just before I aged old.

Me And My Body

My body is a stocky, happy little pony

that I ride through life.

It is always willing, but not always able,

and sometimes it misses a step.

In my dreams, I am always strong, always calm, always lovin...

This is a poem that I wrote just a few years ago.

Frog and Human Alike.

There is a grossness about a frog, something appalling.

A glimpse of a frog provokes a nervous apprehension and strange discomfort

deep within me that is highly suspicious.

Am I feeling a primal fear th...

A trick of the camera, or am I really this fat?  It is hard to say, it depends upon your perspective.  For scientific analysis of viruses that may cause full-moon bellies, and for Bollywood-style (Hindi cinema ) illustrations, see video on Professor Nikhil Dhurandhar’s...

I wrote this poem twenty years ago, and even then my years of romantic love were probably numbered, but I remember the discomfort of feeling willy-nilly in love.


When you spoke to me of love sublime,

i told you all the fears of mine.

i started silly . . . willy...