My late mother came to me last night.

My late mother came to me last night. I did not see her face, but recognized her form out of the corner of my eye sitting next to me in my darkened room, with just a reading lamp to illuminate her continued support from the beyond. I appreciate and am comforted by this illusion.

A rock procured by technical theft

Cambrian Rock 10in x 7in x 8in, by Annmarie Throckmorton 1993.jpg How is it that I have no right on this Earth to any rock, any soil, any physical place on this Earth without purchasing it? It seems that I should have a right to my share of the elements of the Earth by virtue of having been born to the Earth. At birth I was not given even one single natural object for my own so I stole this Cambrian Rock which is my totem, and this is how. Farm irrigation in the desert around Phoenix, Arizona often reduces the Salt River to a bone-dry bed. I had noticed one particular location where this desiccation had revealed the most exquisite, hand-sized rocks. I have never seen such beautiful rocks

The high, black wall of the tornado spun...

Caption: Tornado Comes Through Rich Plains, Illinois by Annmarie Throckmorton 1999. It was a clear day, but very hot where I was working outside, on-site with a construction crew writing another construction manual in 1999. I felt the weather turn, the sky dimmed, the air pressure dropped, and I sought shelter ASAP. The high, black wall of the tornado spun in, but we escaped with a good story to tell. At the time, I worked for GSI (Grain Systems) in Assumption, Illinois to write and photo-illustrate several construction manuals. On this project, I was assigned to work on-site for about a week to obtain source material for two of the manuals, Tower Grain Dryer Construction Manual, and Towe

Lion Takes His Pleasures Where He Can Find Them.

There was not much to it really, I just stepped into a large plastic box that let me safely into the lion’s enclosure. I only went in because I wanted the full zoo experience on that lovely blue-sky autumn day years ago. There were few visitors walking the paths between animal exhibits, and I almost did not go into the lion enclosure because it looked as if someone had left an unauthorized access open. I looked closer to see if I was obligated to report imminent danger. Nothing stirred. I smelled the sweet dry grasses that grew tall and seemed undisturbed in the enclosure, mingled with the rank smell of cat urine. There was or had recently been a large stinky cat in there. Powerful.

Primates Are People Too?

Apparently the Great Ape House at the zoo in Swope Park, Kansas City, Missouri is now abandoned but I used to enjoy it very much, even if years ago it was the site of personal embarrassment, an odd gaffe on my part. The last time I was there I walked about taking photographs of the hippopotamus, the antelope, the large cats, and then I entered the Great Ape House to see what might be seen. Nothing, no one else was in the building and no primates were visible in the open-air enclosure on the other side of a wide curved plate glass wall. This was a disappointment as I like primates as much as anyone else, so I thought I might stay and endure the primate stink that filled the building to see

Change Of Season Into Autumn

For the past few days I have felt summer sliding toward autumn as the whirling world begins its tilt away from the sun, so I googled the American autumnal equinox for 2017. It will be at 3:02 PM CT on Friday, September 22, 2017. This scientific precision impresses me as I contemplate the waning light and cooling air around me. Caption: A Brisk Autumn Walk Home, by Annmarie Throckmorton 2014.

Painted horse jumps...

I especially like this image of a painted horse because of the memory of how I took its photograph. I was watching it move about a paddock at a stable near Grandview, Missouri. This horse was pretty calm, such a sweetheart, that I got into the paddock with it to take a better picture. But I got more than I bargained for because when I pressed the shutter button, the flash went off, and this horse wheeled around and up into the air faster than I could blink. I did not even see it go until it was airborne and the dust was swirling over me. I did not get hurt, but I did get out of the paddock right away! This was a very healthy, vigorous painted horse. Below is my portrait of this painted

Turkey Vultures Soar The Thermals

I smelled dust in the house this morning and looked outside to see a City of Bloomington street sweeper cleaning the street, no water from the vehicle, just a dry brush off into billowing clouds of fine particulates and chemical residue from vehicular combustion engine exhaust. It hurts my nose. I have never seen Towanda Avenue cleaned before. In the past ten years I thought that only I, my tidy next door neighbor, and the turkey vultures cleaned the streets. At sunset these magnificent birds ride the thermals above the church across the street, sometimes as many as fifty of these magnificent buzzards soar overhead. Where do these fifty-odd birds roost, all together somewhere in the tre

“Oy vey, uff da.”

In the last year of my father’s life I had our DNA tests done. Sadly I did not think of doing it until after my mother had passed. Father was 82% Scandinavian, which anyone would know by looking at him. Mother was of European stock, which also was obvious. I am almost half Norwegian on my father’s side and more than half Celtic on my mother’s side, per a DNA test by 41% Scandinavia (test said “central Norwegian connection is likely”. My father’s grandmother came from a farm in Akershus, Norway, and my father’s father came from near Bodø, Nordland county, Norway. Bodø is north of the Arctic Circle, and when I visited there I was suitably thrilled). 35% Ireland (Celtic is n

origins of religion

Caption: Moses Montefiore Temple-photograph by Annmarie Throckmorton, 2017. Although many religions have lovely, loving attributes, most, perhaps all have horrific histories of oppression. I have reservations about dogmatic assertions of knowledge that cannot be known or consignment of others to hell. What I value most is the sense of community and efforts toward goodness that religion fosters. I never met my maternal great-grandmother. When I was in my early thirties my mother confided to me that her grandmother, Amelia Katz Fenton Daly (née Katz) was Jewish. This would be my mother’s mother’s mother, which by Talmudic law would render me Jewish. I was shocked, and not aware of having

Another national day of prayer

Today we observe a National Day Of Prayer for victims of Hurricane Harvey. I wrote this prayer after the attacks on September 11, 2001, and every day since I have offered it in the hope that our world will heal. I give my prayer to thee on this Sunday of September 3, 2011. Joy is freedom from suffering for all that lives. Peace is a wonderful thing. Dear God & Human Goodness, please let us have more peace, soon. In this moment, I would like to express gratitude that there is: Peace, Harmony, Health, Wealth, Wisdom, Bounty, Love, and Joy in the World and in Our Lives, and for these things to express true Gratitude. Amen. Caption: Grieving The Attack On The World Trade Center On Septem

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