Elmer Squirrel has a cute pug nose like Elmer J. Fudd.

Did you ever wonder how squirrels can run along narrow branches or wires as easily as you might drum your fingers on a table? Well, having a lost squirrel for a few days showed me their secret. Neurologically a squirrel’s body feels like a hand, there is particular muscular tension from hand paw to foot paw, left to right and vice versa. A squirrel’s belly acts like the palm of your hand to close and open as it lopes along. I would never have known that if I had not found Elmer Squirrel as an unweaned kit staggering across the sidewalk. I wanted to get him back up in the tree, but there were several trees and not one squirrel nest overhead. He cried when I put him down, so I tucked him

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