Woman Enjoying Art Becomes Art.

I used to donate one or two pieces of my postcard art each year to The Illinois State University Friends of the Arts’ Annual Postcard Art Auction, which is an exhibition and fundraiser for College of Fine Arts students. A woman in 1920’s style palazzo pants was enjoying the 2012 exhibition; and I realized that she could be art herself, so I created it. Woman In 1920 s Style Palazzo Pants At Art Exhibition by Annmarie Throckmorton, 2012. Woman Toying With Necklace-in 4 panels by Annmarie Throckmorton, 2012.

Rain makes me feel powerful.

Rain smells so fresh, it tastes so sweet, it is so essential to life. I love breathing deeply in the rain. Deep into my nose, I draw the earth’s perfume petrichor, the volatile oils released by vegetation into the rain. The smell gives me strength. Through sheets of rain, I look over this beautifully glistening world. I take in every gleam and sparkle with delight. Shiny is good, it shimmers in my eyes and makes me feel strong. The sound of rain is musical, rhythmic, and very exciting to the little animal spirit deep within me. Rain calls to me, amps me up. I feel like lightening, I want to thunder. I happily tilt my face up for rain to slide over my skin. It wells up over my eyes a

a little dog named Big

I was thinking about my little dog named “BIG” who was only twelve years old when she passed from life. I named her Big because I knew people would like such a little dog with the silly name of Big, and I wanted to give her that advantage. I named her Big in optimism because she had such a rough start. I remember that I was recuperating at home from my hysterectomy, and suddenly I heard a terrible screeching. It sounded like someone’s dog had been run over in the alley behind the houses, a loud but small noise. I wondered why I was bounding down the stairs, heedless of my stitches, when it was not my problem and there was probably nothing I could do for the animal. I stopped short becau

Wikipedia Answers asked: What does it mean for a man to be a protector and maintainer of women in t

My answer was written with my brother Peter Throckmorton in mind, and is as follows: Men are physically much stronger than women; a man's protection of women includes literally protecting his mother, sister, wife, daughter, female friend, and even unknown women from physical harm. That is an awesome responsibility that men have traditionally assumed as part of their social identity as a Man. Young boys begin to protect women as they learn to become men. Men do not endure the childbearing physiological changes that women undergo, and true men protect women out of respect for the gift of life that women give, and out of compassion for the pain and fear associated with giving birth. Most socie

Dreaming My Life

Caption: Annmarie Throckmorton hiking at River Bluff Missouri, age 55 An inner voice tells me that when I was born, as is every scrap of life onto this earth, I was intended to be a happy, healthy, most magnificently performing form of life. This is the dream of my life, the reality is that I am flawed and merely persevering. Nothing monumental has been achieved. I have not yet . . . I continue steadfastly, breath-after-breath, thought-after-thought, step-after-step. My life dream goes on despite cruel, painful encumbrances, heart-crushing disappointments, soul-smashing discouragements, the eroding mundane. Still I leap the barricades, I skip the stumbling blocks, I challenge the obsta

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