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About the author, artist . . .

Born:                            I was born on the Atlantic Ocean and wish to spend the last of my life

                                      on the Pacific ocean in Seattle, Washington.

                                     February 10, 1949; Baltimore, Maryland, United States of America.

                                     I have been described as “honest, with excellent ability and perseverance”,

                                      by my late father who sincerely claimed to be unbiased.

                                      My late mother said with surprising poetry that I am “bright in aspect,

                                      intelligent, a very caring person”.  Yes, this has been true of me in the near

                                      seventy years of my life.

Preoccupations            Author, artist, writer for the rights of humans, animals, and the environment,

& Occupations:           technical writer of mechanical and electrical processes and photo illustrator.


Children:                      Sadly none, for all the usual reasons, and then some.

Sexual Orientation:     Heterosexual.

Preferred Pronouns:    she/her

Domiciles:                     Minnesota, Missouri, Kansas, Ohio, Nevada, Arizona, California, Illinois.


Travels:                         I have traveled though most states in the continental United States, and

                                       the larger Hawaiian Islands.  In 1980, I was a Peace Corps volunteer

                                       living in Mali, West Africa, teaching Appropriate Technology.

                                       I swam across the Niger River, just to see what was on the other side.

                                       I have boated on the Canadian boundary waters,

                                       explored the Mexican Yucatan and Baja Peninsula,

                                       toured Germany, the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and Great Britain

                                       including the Isle of Wight. 

                                       I have cruised the Caribbean islands, and cruised up the west coast of

                                       Norway into the Arctic Circle.

                                       Time permitting, I would like to see much more of the world. 

Political Affiliation:     I am independent.

Education:                    I earned a Master’s degree in Sociology from Ohio State University; I taught sociology/statistics all eight quarters.


Graduation:                  I am in the center, with my father on the left.              Retired—Senior Technical Writer & Photo Illustrator, Mechanical & Electrical Processes.

                                      Master’s degree (sociology, focus on statistics/demography). Photo-Communication,

                                      making the complex easy to understand. Proficient, prolific writer of original construction manuals, assembly

                                      instructions, and standard operating procedures.

                                      Adaptable, innovative, and keen to contribute. Willing to write grants, white pages (ads), office procedures, etc.

                                      Work independently and enjoy teamwork. Dependable, logical, problem-solver. Clear, concise communicator,

                                      both vrbally and written. Design skills include page layout, any imaging device, Adobe Photoshop.

                                      As a senior technical writer/photo illustrator, I conceptualized, wrote, and photo-illustrated many technical

                                      manuals.  For example, I photo-illustrated four construction manuals, 300-plus pages, for construction of

                                      agricultural grain dryers, which entailed thousands of photos in step-by-step sequence.

Artist’s Statement:       I enjoy creating original works of art such as landscapes, portraits, and

                                       animal portraits.  I like evocative art.  The primary purpose of my artwork

                                       is to be enjoyed by the viewer, if it leads to new thoughts that is great too!


Art Education:             When I earned my bachelor and master's degrees in sociology at Ohio State University,

                                       I took as many university art courses as possible, including art

                                       history and photography darkroom techniques.

                                       I also studied art at the University of Minnesota, and various other

                                       institutions of higher learning in California, Kansas, Missouri, and Ohio.

                                       It is very pleasant to spend the day with other artists, learning new

                                       techniques, and seeing how other artists express themselves.

                                       I have had formal classes in life drawing.  The human body is beautiful.

                                       I have visited many art museums along my travels.

                                       I was a Peace Corps volunteer in Mali, West Africa and studied cross-

                                       cultural art.  I visited art museums and galleries in Africa, the Caribbean

                                       Islands, Canada, the Mexican Yucatan and Baja Peninsula, Germany, the

                                       Kingdom of the Netherlands, the Isle of Wight, Great Britain, etc.

                                       When I travel, I study art, visiting local art museums and attending

                                       exhibits.  I am very pleased to be able to express that scope in my artwork.


Art Experience:             I have worked as an demonstration artist (acrylic) painting ceramic

                                       presentation pieces for arts and crafts distributors located in Minnesota

                                       and then again in Arizona.  I have participated in a number of art shows,

                                       and have had several small one-person shows.

                                       I served as the graphic art illustrator (graphite) for the Society for Technical

                                       Communication-San Diego website.

                                       I was a contributing artist (multi-media) to The Columbus Gazette,

                                       illustrating poetry and short stories in Ohio.

                                       I contributed numerous postcards (multi-media) to the Illinois State University,

                                       Friends of the Arts, Postcard Art events for raising contributions to the ISU Art

                                       Department scholarship fund.

                                       For many years I participated in an international artist trading card exchange, Sister Trading

                                       Cards, coordinated by Cat Schick, and archived in the Museum of Ephemera in Zurich,



Art Media:                    The materials I use to make a work of art are clay, paper, and found objects, and

                                        I have worked in graphite, computer palette, pastels, watercolor,

                                        acrylic, and oil paints.  I use them all to create accurate, expressive,

                                        realistic paintings—or even whimsy.  I love pigment best! 

                                        This is bright, innovative, fun artwork! The kind you can care

                                        about!  Enjoy!

Avatar:                          Adroit Water Bear (a smart, microscopic tardigrade)

As anyone can see I too am mortal, and have aged.  The older I got the more difficult it became to work at the large scale that I prefer.  The last work that I did was even smaller than "postcard" art, it was creating Artist Trading Cards, 2 1⁄2 by 3 1⁄2 inches.  I traded many ATC's over the years, and have a nice collection of them from artists around the world.  Now I work at the electronic level with digital art.  Lucky me that digital art palettes exist!

Prosecuting my late father's loss of leg due to grievous nursing home neglect lawsuit at the Daley Center in Chicago, Illinois.

Specialty Diver Peak Performance Buoyanc

a senior in high school
with braces

Caption:  Professional photograph of Annmarie Throckmorton circa 1969

(My brother Peter encouraged the family dogs to chew my photograph.

Annmarie Throckmorton's passport photo 1979

(Mother did her usual trick of sticking my image with pinpricks.

Sometimes I am amazed that despite such hostility

I made any little thing at all of myself in the world.)

A Genetic Memory Of When we Were Fishes-
Annmarie Throckmorton self-portrait at a
Annmarie Throckmorton in her twenties pl
Annmarie Throckmorton-A Teenager On A Tr
Annmarie Throckmorton at Conklin's Dinne
Self-Portrait by Annmarie Throckmorton 2
Annmarie Throckmorton-converted with Car
AncestryDNA Ethnicity Estimate for Annma
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